Friday, July 5, 2013

pakej make up + photography untuk perkahwinan


Another 4 days to go before Ramadhan. After Ramadhan comes Aildilfitri. Then guess what's next?

of course..


So untuk mengisi masa lapang di bulan Ramadhan ini, to all bride-to-be, jgn lengah2 and malas2..ajak your future's time for u to search for the right pelamin, wedding dress, make up artist, photographers and videographers..

I bet each of u would like to have everything goes well during your wedding day rite? Some would dream of perfections! It is not something that's impossible to get to be honest. Prepare your lists carefully and get it done one by one, accordingly. ;)

To cater to your needs, we have prepared a package of Photography and Make Up for your ceremony.yeay~

A package which includes things that u need for ur wedding day.




Book your dates now and indulge your weddings with our services.